The 5 Biggest Hp Elitebook 8460p Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop is the most integrated version of the Intel Ivy Bridge chip, HP once again reaffirmed itself and caused the technology industry to stir. Still a design aimed at business people and office workers – those who often have to work with computers and business trips, HP EliteBook product line is always optimized for durability, luxurious design with platinum frame.

With the strong and durable configuration of the HP 8470p, in the 5–6tr segment there is only one laptop of equal size in terms of power and performance, which is the Dell Latitude E6430 laptop. Same configuration, same price segment, these 2 laptops help users to be very hp elitebook 8460p comfortable in choosing matters, only 1 in 2 without being a little bit freaked out. You can immediately see our review of this Dell E6430

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And if you want the HP 8470p power machine to have a larger screen, have a numeric keypad for work or comfortable gaming, then the old HP Elitebook 8570p is available. With the 8470p’s ​​powerful processor and graphics card, the 15.6-inch screen with numeric keypad and Full HD display option will surely satisfy you.

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  1. Review the HP 8470p
    In general, the design of the HP Elitebook 8470P is still a continuation of the tradition of the previous HP Elitebook series because if compared, they will make you easily confused because it is still a gray frame made from Aluminum alloy. – Magnesium, creating toughness, certainty for the machine.

The purpose of this device is aimed at serving the needs of the office world – those who work and travel a lot, so they do not need to be heavy in appearance, so the fairly square design of the HP Elitebook 8470P makes Buyer easily accept. In appearance, the old cheap HP 8470p laptop is completely similar to the HP Elitebook 8460p Laptop, however, about “internal force” is a completely different story, simply because the two versions of HP Elitebook Laptop 8460p and 8470p are used with 2 different generations of Intel chips (Intel Sandy Bridge and Intel Ivy Bridge)

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  1. HP 8470p keyboard and touchpad
    The design of the HP Elitebook 8470P keyboard is similar to that of the old HP Elitebook laptops with Chicklet style but no Backlit. It is this lack of improvement that sometimes makes users feel quite uncomfortable especially when used in low light conditions. Therefore, the feedback of consumers who want HP to improve, upgrade EliteBook to backlit keyboard has been given for a long time but do not understand why the company still “waits” not to follow the “god. ” mine.

Moreover, the navigation keyboard is small in size while the distance between the keys is too narrow is a point unless the user finds it difficult and inconvenient to manipulate. However, the quick access keys for Wifi, web browser and Mute at the top are quite convenient and the device is equipped with a fingerprint reader at the bottom right.
Maintained and developed, the HP EliteBook 8470p Touchpad still satisfies customers because of its perfect smoothness. Although the touchpad surface of HP EliteBook 8470p is a bit small, it does not cause any discomfort when using. Besides, the addition of a pointstick in the middle of the keyboard makes you feel like you’re using the legendary Thikpad series except the HP EliteBook 8470p pointstick, in the same tone with the surrounding keys.

  1. Weight of old HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop
    With a 6-Cell battery capacity, the HP EliteBook 8470p weighs 2,435kg – this is quite a large amount in today’s ultra-light models that hinder travel but are suitable for office workers. fixed work in place.